What are the affiliate commission rates?
Commissions are calculated each month based on sales for the same month. Sales totaling $1 to $500 receive a 5% commission, sales totaling %501 to $1000 will receive a 7% commission, and sales totaling more than $1000 will receive a 10% commission. At the beginning of the month commission rates reset to level 1.
When do you issue commission payments for affiliates?
Commissions are paid on all qualified sales. Qualified sales are all tests where the customer last accessed the site from an affiliate link prior to purchase.
How long does an affiliate agreement with you last, assuming all conditions continue to be met?
Over time, the terms of our affiliate agreement may change. Generally though, an affiliate agreement lasts as long as the affiliate is compliant with current terms and conditions.
Is there a minimum number of sales required to maintain a valid agreement with you?
No, there is not.
Does an affiliate commission apply to all your products?
Yes, the commission applies to all products. It also applies to products sold during special sales and promotions.
What do you mean when you say "Cookies will be tracked during a 7 day conversion window?"
When a customer visits our site by clicking through an affiliate link, a web-cookie is set that will expire in 7 days. After 7 days, the cookie is no longer in their computer’s memory.

So long as that cookie is stored in the customer’s web browser when they place their order and has not been replaced by a more recent one, their order will qualify. Note that customers may block all cookies or remove them from their computer.
Are there further restrictions as to placement of your ad on our domain? Does it always have to be on the home page, or at the top of side? Do we need a separate agreement for each page in the same domain where we want to place an affiliate ad?
The agreement covers all pages for an approved domain so long as they comply with the agreement. Locations on your website are at your personal discretion. Additional sites and domains may be included under the same agreement, but please contact us for approval of each site or domain.
Is there a choice of banner styles and sizes available?
Yes, we have many different styles of banners available including text links. They are supplied once you become an affiliate.
Are there any security risks or considerations for our website if we agree to place your affiliate link on our website?
All affiliate links are to secured parts of our website or may be edited to use a secure link (https). We take all standard precautions to maintain the security and integrity of our site. However, the responsibility for evaluating the risk of any particular link belongs to the affiliate.
Is there any way for us to determine how many people actually click on the affiliate link on our website?
Basic information is included in affiliate accounts. This does not though include details of the specific links on your site that generate conversions.
Is there a way for us to determine how many referred customers actually purchase from you prior to receiving a check from you?
The numbers of referral clicks, purchases, and completed purchases are included on affiliate account pages. You will have access to these through a login ID and password.
Do you issue the commission check in US dollars or my local currency?
We pay all commissions in US dollars.
Are there other ways for me to be paid such as direct bank deposit?
At this time, we pay by check or PayPal in US dollars.
Can I use my own links and banners or do I have to use the ones that are provided?
Only links, banners, and other ads provided by Family Tree DNA can be used for affiliate purposes.
Will Family Tree DNA help me place affiliate ads on my website?
Affiliates are solely responsible for the development, operation, contents, maintenance, and liability of your site(s), including the placement of ads.
Is there a minimum commission amount required to receive a payment?
Yes. Your total commissions must be equal to or greater than $50 in order to receive payment.
When are commission checks sent out?
Commissions are paid to affiliates on the 15th of each month. The period paid is the full commission amount for the previous month provided the minimum commission amount has been reached.
Are customers referred through affiliate links the customers of Family Tree DNA or of the affiliate site from which they were referred?
Customers who buy tests through one of our Affiliates are considered our customers.  Accordingly, 
our rules, policies, and procedures will apply to those customers.  We shall own the customer relationship 
and customer service issues under the Program.  We will be responsible for tests placed by customers who 
follow links from your site to us and for tests purchased from our commerce site.  We will handle all issues 
pertaining to the tests and store purchases that are a result of a link from your site, including all customer 
service, cancellations and renewals once a customer orders a test, and any returns our commerce sites. 
We will track all customer impressions, clicks, and sales through persistent cookie technology.